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At Mariya Boutique Residence, Suvarnabhumi Airport, we are seriously aware of the rising problem of global warming, so we want to play our part as a responsible citizen of the World. We believe this is the right thing to do. Here is what we have done and are doing:-


  • Electrical system in guest rooms controlled by keycard
  • Tight control of air-conditioning operating hours and temperatures in public area
  • Preventative maintenance program for cleaning air-conditioners to enhance energy efficiency
  • Refrigerators in guest rooms set to an optimum temperature
  • Replacement of traditional light bulbs with energy-saving long-life bulbs in guest rooms, corridors, and public area
  • Timer set-up for lighting and other electrical systems


  • All waste water in the hotel is carefully treated and will be reused to water the plants.
  • Installation of water-saving faucets
  • Avoid leaving water tap running, while washing food and dish
  • Gardens are watered in the morning and evening only to prevent unnecessary evaporation at the hottest time of the day

Environmental Quality

  • Suppliers are requested not to leave the engine running while their vehicles are parked to reduce noise and air pollution
  • No smoking allowed in all guest rooms and public area to reduce air pollution

Chemical Products

  • Use of eco-friendly cleaning products and eco-friendly chemical products only

ReUse & Recycling

  • Separating and selling plastic, bottles, paper, cardboard and vegetable oil to recycling companies
  • Use of environmentally friendly products of bathroom amenities
  • Re-use of hotel key cards


  • Staffs re-use paper and envelopes where possible
  • Staffs optimize the use of computers and e-mails to reduce paper use
  • Staffs avoid printing and copying
  • Staffs turn off air-conditioning, lights and electrical appliances when not in the office
  • Staffs turn off computer screens after work and during lunch time
  • Provide an information board to motivate all concerns about energy-saving and water-saving

Staff Training

  • A training programmer in place to educate staffs about environmentally friendly projects
  • Regular meetings with staffs to help promote staffs’ awareness and implementation of energy-saving and environmental policy

Your Opportunity to Contribute
As our guests, you can give your contribution to help us save the earth by

  • Re-using towels and bed linen to save water, energy, labors, and chemical use in washing cycles
  • Turning off lights, kettle, laptop, and television when not in use
  • Turning off air conditioning when not in room
  • Keeping room temperature at all times at 25Celsius
  • Provide an information board to motivate all concerns about energy-saving and water-saving